Joint closure NC-400W is based on our universal joint closure NC-400 for jointing one or two underwater cables to a duct or buried cable on the shore.


  • Can be installed directly to the ground and to a cable well
  • Provides pressure-tight protection for optical fibres and splices
  • Suits for different type of cable constructions
  • Capacity for 192 fibres
  • Cable inlets:
    • 2 inlets for underwater cables with inner dia. 16 mm
    • 1 inlet for duct or buried cable with inner dia. 23 mm
  • Size: 487 x 185 x 130 mm
  • Material: acid-proof stainless steel
  • Tightness: IP 67
  • The tightness of every closure is tested in the factory


  • Heat-shrinkable sleeves for all cable inlets
  • Heat-shrinkable end-plug, 1 pc
  • Steel ties for the wires of the underwater cables, 12 pcs
  • Installation kit for the fibres of the underwater cables
  • Earthing connector for 16 mm2 earthing electrode
  • Pack of silica gel moisture absorbent
Product STK* Nestor code

Beach joint NC-400W

- LV1982